DSRO Series RO System
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1900 mm X 1700 mm X 800 mm
DSRO-2M= 12l/m
DSRO-4M = 18l/m
DSRO-6M = 24l/m

Reverse Osmosis System12 l/m & 18 l/m &24 l/m
Our DSRO Series RO machines are designed for medical applications. DSRO systems are known for durable operation, high quality product water production, easy installation and straightforward control. DSRO Series Reverse Osmosis System was designed to meet the unique requirements of the dialysis treatment. With proper maintenance it will produce water of AAMI standards, provided the raw water complies with normal standards for drinking water.
Standard Features
•Low-energy design reduces electrical requirements and operating costs
•Fiber Glass with Vinylester lining–Max.150psi Pre-Treatment Tank
•Digital Autotrol Controller: 24 Hours 7 Days Timer for auto backwash
•ROMembrane -Ultra low pressure type
•Guard filter -1-micron 20” 
•BacterialFilter -0.2 micron, 10” 
Pump and Motor
•RO Pump: Vertical Multi-Stage PumpSUS
•RAW Water Pump: Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump
•Motor: 240VAC 1-Phase / 415VAC 3-Phase 
•Material: FullySUS parts in hydraulic fluid path
•Manufacturing: Grundfos –Denmark
Materials of Construction
•Welded Frame: Stainless Steel
•Membrane Elements: 4x40 TFC
•Membrane Housing: Stainless Steel
•Inlet Plumbing: PEX Tubing
•High Pressure Plumbing: 250psi
•Control Enclosure: IP 65 (IEC 529)
Operating Parameters
•Operating Pressure: 160 ~ 220 psi 
•Maximum Water Recovery: 50-60%
•Minimum Inlet Pressure: 30 PSI (2 bar)

Safety Features
1.Built-in ELCB and MCB for all mains circuits for maximum safety
2.Digital display LCD Tough Screen/ Selector switch
3.Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Interface (Optiinal)
4.Pre-low raw water tank level with audio-visual alarm
5.Manual select raw water pump
6.Automatic system shutdown during low raw water tank level with audio-visual alarm
7.Automatic system shutdown at low feed pressure
8.Digital conductivity meter.
9.With 7 Days Timer for auto start / stop of RO System
10.Schematic flow diagram display
11.Remote Alarm at nursing counter

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